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Cooking Class Comments

"It was probably the most enjoyable cooking class that I'd ever taken….! In 30 years of taking classes (some very high end that cost a fortune in the 70's & 80's) that's saying something. Again, you both have a wealth of knowledge and experience that you are so willing to share - it's truly incredible."
Gae Sellstedt, North Vancouver

"Wonderful experience - both you and Trish have a great chemistry which comes out in how you interact with your guests. Felt like a dinner out with friends. Great way to spend an afternoon"
George Lacny & Danielle Bolduc, Langley

"I have really enjoyed all the classes. The whole experience has been wonderful. The classes are fun, entertaining and educational. The social atmosphere is great ... I have recommended the classes to several people and I hope you get some takers ... I don ' t know what I'm going to do with my Saturdays until you have more classes! It has been great fun."
Dianne Jamieson, North Vancouver
(6 time participant)

"Steve and Trish are excellent teachers, I have recommended the classes to a number of my friends ... I will certainly be taking another course when time permits."
Allan Daykin, Coquitlam
(2 time participant)

"Awesome food - simple, easy to follow directions. A very enjoyable experience."
Sharon Stevens, Quesnel

"I thought I was eating Thai years ago, but now I know. Smelled so good I wanted to grab the food right off the grill!
I'll be back."

John Thompson, Delta

"Much better than we had ever expected ... top quality ingredients, ample portions ... it was perfect!"
Maggie Parke & Gerry McCann, North Vancouver
(2 time participants)

"The Asian BBQ was more like a dinner party than a class. I really appreciated being able to ask questions about the recipes as they were being made. I've been cooking the recipes from the class at home and my family loves them. I will definitely be taking more classes. Thank you both for your warmth, hospitality and sharing your wealth of knowledge."
Nina Brady, Langley

"Oooh So Good!"
Gordon Regar, Richmond

"The class size and eating the dishes as the class progresses allows for more personal interaction during the cooking process. It's this friendly environment that makes one feel free to ask questions and become more involved in what some people find to be an intimidating cuisine to cook. There is nothing more satisfying than good company and a full stomach."
Dwayne Bauer, North Vancouver

"Really enjoyed the experience, great food, great company and I learned something too. Thanks again."
Lori Breen, West Vancouver

"I am an avid watcher of Steve's show and had been waiting to attend one of his classes. It was definitely worth the wait. The food was amazing… We will be returning for others!"
Kelley Newstead, White Rock

"I'll definitely recommend your classes to my friends. In fact, I'll be back with some of them."
Rose Janssen, Surrey


Cooking Show Fan Comments

"I watch many cooking shows on Saturdays and I would rate your show the very best"
Dorothy Garden,
Vancouver BC

"What a Wonderful Cooking Show! The food looks Sooooooooo Good."
Noreen Berner,
Port Coquitlam, BC

"I am a viewer from Malaysia and I watch Spicy Steve every Sunday night"
Selene Loke,
Richmond, BC

"I love your Show. You're a great cook! I like the way you slap everything together and don't measure anything: the sign of a confident cook."
Wendy Espinosa,
Victoria, BC

"Dear Spicy Steve,......We've told dozens of people about your show, you have a lot of fans here in Surrey & Delta!"
Kevin & Greer Hickling,
Surrey, BC

"We certainly enjoy your personality, and find ourselves drooling throughout your show."
Drew & Tara MacMillan,
Nanaimo, BC

(Requesting a recipe) "We hope the recipe is as good as the humour on your show."
Randi & Terry Tywoniuk,
Vancouver, BC

"Wonderful programme.....Do you have a recipe book published that I might purchase?"
June Jay,
Pitt Meadows, BC

"It was a pleasant change from the usual TV cook shows"
Bill Little,
Surrey, BC

"Do what you do Spicy Steve and you'll be prime time soon."
T.A. Kawecki,
Burnaby, BC

"He is a born choice! And so natural. I Love his humour."
(Mrs.) Jean M. Jones,
North Vancouver, BC

"...was really impressed with is choice of recipes and his sense of humour and style in the kitchen."
Susan Lloyd,
Maple Ridge, BC

"Let me compliment you on your shows... have you made any videos which can be purchased?"
Ray Salt,
Langley, BC

"...would be fun to see even more shows, specifally on the cuisines of Korea, Vietnam, India, and different regions of China."
Mark Trumbo & Caroline Barriere,
North Vancouver, B.C.

"Since you have a reputation for authentic recipes from various places around the world, I thought of you as the best source."
Wendy Lawrence,
Mission, BC

"Your dishes are clear and simplified enough that it encourages me to expand my repertoire."
Sally Hammond,
Vancouver, BC

Spicy Steve receives hundreds and hundreds of letters requesting recipes. Many of these letters contain detailed messages for Steve, requests for if he has a cookbook or video to sell, or if he owns a restaurant. Several gifts have been sent to him by different promoters, but most just contain nice comments on the show. Steve is constantly "picked out of the crowd" by his friendly fans when out and about. These above quotes represent not the best, but the best out of one or two batches that were received by SHAW Cable 4, and were then passed on to Steve Sorko.