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Ikan Panggang

(Grilled Fish)
All over Malaysia and Indonesia, Ikan Panggang is a common and popular dish you will find, particularly in coastal and riverine areas. Good things come in small packets and using banana leaves is an easy way (and environmentally friendly) for the locals to wrap their fish and grill it. Using banana leaves, which you can find frozen at Asian grocers, semi-steams the fish and retains all the juices. It also allows you to add things to the package, like sauces, and not have them dripping all over your barbeque.

1 medium sized firm fleshed fish (2 1/2 lb) such as mackeral, snapper, mullet or bream
-- You can also substitute small trout like we did on the show
1 rectangular piece of banana leaf, large enough to fold over the fish and have extra room available
Salt to rub over fish

Let's Cook:
1. Clean fish, make diagonal cuts on each side.

2. Rub a little salt over the fish and into the cuts. This is optional and need not be done if you are using a sauce
with a lot of salt in it.

3. Wrap fish in banana leaf, folding it over on three sides and and securing the banana leaf with toothpicks.

4. Grill or barbeque until cooked, turning several times to avoid the banana leaf burning. With a small trout approximately four to five minutes on each side.

5. Unwrap and serve with a sauce such as Sambal Assam, or on its own.