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Lao Pork Sausages

(Sai Ua Moo)
This simple recipe comes from Phia Sing, who was a cook in the old Royal Palace at Luang Prabang and complied a collection of 114 recipes. He died in 1967. You will still see sausages for sale on the streets Luang Prabang as in my photo at the top of the Lao Recipes. You can adjust the fat content below, however, you do need at least 10% to keep them moist. Remember the salt and fish sauce in this original recipe has no measurement so use sparing with more emphasis on the fish sauce for flavor. Use your discretion with the coriander. I would use a half a bunch as I love it. This recipe is from a direct Lao translation in a book entitled Traditional Recipes of Laos, edited by Alan and Jennifer Davidson and published in 1981 by Prospect Books.

400 grams pork meat, including a little fat, minced
150 grams pork fat, minced
2 dried chilli peppers, soaked in water until soft
10 (small) shallots
10 black peppercorns
pound the above three ingredients together finely
coriander leaves, finely chopped
a sprinkle of sea salt
fish sauce (I’d start with 4 tablespoons)
1 pig's intestine turned inside out and washed and then turned right side out again or use commercial sausage casing.

Place in a bowl the pounded ingredients, the minced pork, the minced pork fat and the chopped coriander leaves. Add the fish sauce and mix all together. Take a very small sample portion of the mixture, wrap it in pieces of banana leaf (or just as a patty) and grill it until cooked. Taste it and adjust for saltiness if necessary.

Stuff a section of the pig's intestine or commercial casing with the mixture from the bowl, taking care not to include any air bubbles. If there are any, use a needle to let them escape. Tie the intestine or commercial casing into portions as you stuff it, each portion to be 15 cm long. There should be two knots between each section with a space in between for cutting them apart. Use a bamboo holder to grill them until they are done or simply place on the barbeque grill. Then transfer them to a platter to serve.