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(Pressed Rice Cakes)
This is basically the starchy carbohydrate to accompany and complete your meal of satay with peanut sauce. It is very different in texture to just having steamed rice, and well worth the effort to make it. Perfect for a summer barbeque outdoors. Ketupat is also served with cubed pieces of red onion and cucumber to dip in the peanut sauce and accent the flavour of the satay.

2 cups raw broken rice, washed
3 cups water
2 pandan leaves (screwpine or pandanus) for fragrance

1. Cook all in a rice cooker.

2. Press hot rice into oiled pyrex dish.

3. Press with waxed paper. When cool put in refridgerator.

4. Serve when cool, cut into squares.

5. Garnish with cut cubes of red onion and cucumber.