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Mango Kerabu

(Spicy Sweet Mango Salad)

This is an incredible salad that will excite your tastebuds. Make sure you make it with really ripe sweet mangoes. The sweetness combined with the tinge of chilli and the fragrant corriander leaves (cilantro) is a taste to die for. It's pure heaven. Kerabus are very simple salads made in Malaysia and Singapore which can include both fruit and vegetables to create a medley of taste sensations. That spicy addition of chilli and sometimes fresh herbs is what makes them so unique.

2 large ripe mangoes, peeled
10 mint leaves, chopped coarsely
12 coriander leaves (cilantro), chopped coarsely
1/4 tsp sambal oelek (chilli sauce)

1. Dice Mangoes and combine with other ingredients.
2. Mix well and serve chilled or room temperature.