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(Larb Nua Isan)

This dish is a eaten in North Eastern Thailand and in Laos. This version is Thai and comes from the Isan who inhabit the North East. Traditionally it was made with raw meat, however, we are using cooked mince. It is a blend of some rather unique flavours and particularly, textures.

1 lb minced lean beef
3 Tbsp glutinous or long grain thai rice
2 Tbsp fish sauce
4 Tbsp lime juice
6 shallots, finely sliced and diced
3 lemon grass stalks, finely sliced and diced
2 tbsp ground chilli
1 cup asian mint leaves

1. Fry uncooked rice in a dry wok until golden brown.

2. Let cool and pound in mortar into a crushed powder. Set aside.

3. Poach beef in boiling water until cooked through. Drain and set aside in a bowl. Optionally, saute lightly in wok.

4. Add lime juice, ground rice, fish sauce, shallots, lemon grass,ground chilli and mint leaves.

5. Serve immediately.