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Spicy Steve's Thai RecipesSalad Tower

Measurements are for you to decide based on what size of molds you use and how many you wish to make. These are extremely elegant creations to serve for special occasions. I got the idea from my good friend and chef, Frances Metcalf of The Travelling Gourmet and this salad is a Thai version of a classic Western Salad Tower. There are several pictures on this website of this delicious and extravagant salad which if you use a larger mold can be made as a complete meal for lunch or dinner.

Baby shrimp
Avocado, chopped into bite size pieces
Tomatoes, chopped and seeded into bite size pieces
Carrots, thinly julienned
Daikon, thinly julienned
Zucchini, thinly julienned
Pomelo, peeled, segmented and cut into bit size pieces with no membrane left on them. (use pink grapefruit if pomelo is not available)
Fresh Asian mint, finely shredded
Cucumber, sliced thin into circular pieces
Black pepper, freshly ground

A metal tower mold.  We use Manadrin Orange tins with the ends removed and no sharp edges.  For very small dainty ones use tomato paste tins.  A good Zyliss can opener will remove the ends and leave a smooth finish versus most hand operated can openers.

Ingredients for the dressing:
½ cup of freshly squeezed lime juice
1 Tbsp fish sauce (nam pla)
2 Tbsp white sugar
½ tsp sambal oelek

1. Arrange about 5-6 slices of cucumber on a serving plate creating a circular pattern.

2. Place an empty tin mould over the cucumber. If you plan to chill the salad, place plastic wrap over the bottom of the tin and skip step #1 until you plate the salad.

3. To make the tower, first place some shrimp on the bottom of the tin. Next place some avocado, tomatoes, pomelo, mint leaves, daikon, carrots and finally zucchini.  Use a teaspoon to lightly compact each layer. Either chill in fridge to set for at least an hour and then carefully remove plastic wrap to plate (step #1) or go straight to step #5.

5. Use the back of a spoon to slowly push down and at the same time lift the tin up.

6. To make the dressing, simply mix all the ingredients together to taste.  Make sure the sugar is fully dissolved.

7. To serve the salad, I like to plate the salad, garnish the plate with the shredded mint and freshly ground black pepper. I then serve it and individually drizzle the dressing on each of my guests’ salads for effect. They usually sit there not wanting to collapse it as it looks so gorgeous.