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(Chicken & Spinach with Peanut Curry Sauce)
This is a popular menu item at Vancouver’s venerable Salathai Restaurant. It is subtle and rich yet still very savoury dish. It combines yellow curry paste with peanut sauce and is best served with a strong tasting vegetable to contrast the flavours.

1 cup     sliced chicken breast
4 cups   cut spinach
1 Tbsp   vegetable oil
1 Tbsp   yellow curry paste
1 Tbsp   sugar
2 Tbsp   fish sauce
2 cups   coconut milk
5 Tbsp   crushed dry roasted peanuts or peanut butter
1 cup     water

1.  Marinate the chicken breast in 3 Tbsp of coconut milk for at least an hour or more. Overnight is even better.

2.  Heat remaining coconut milk in a saucepan until it's boiling, add yellow curry paste and mix well until the colour is even.

3.  Add peanuts, sugar, fish sauce, ½ the water and mix well, bringing to a boil, then set aside. (Add remaining water to thin sauce as you like).

4.  Add oil to hot wok or skillet and stir fry spinach quickly. Do not overcook the spinach. Set it aside in a colander and squeeze out excess water drain. Arrange the spinach on a platter for serving.

5.  Stir fry the marinated chicken (without any new oil added) until cooked and browned and place on top of the spinach.

6.  Pour heated sauce over spinach and chicken and serve.